Project Management Office (PMO)

When organizations grow and they become bigger, they create various offices or departments to handle processes in the organization. One of those offices created by the organization is the Project Management Office (PMO). The Project Management Office (PMO) is an entity created for governing the processes, practices, tools and other activities related to project management in the organization. The project manager usually heads the PMO. When selecting people for the PMO, the organization looks for qualifications such as the PMI certification and great experience from managing projects.

When the organization is too small to have a PMO, they traditionally see the PMO as an overhead. When it’s a small organization, it can be very expensive for the organization to maintain a Project Management Office. Small organizations use their overhead staff in executing projects. Other activities that they cannot handle are outsourced.

The advantages of the project management office include:

  • Project support: Provide project management guidance to project managers in business units.
  • Portfolio management: Establish a staff of program managers who can manage multiple projects that are related, such as infrastructure technologies, desktop applications and so on, and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Project management software tools: Select and maintain project management tools for use by employees.
  • Internal consulting and mentoring: Advise employees about best practices.
  • Training: Conduct training programs or collect requirements for an outside company

A successful project management office can enhance the productivity of the project teams and cause a lot of cost savings. In addition to that, it can make the organization a more matured and capable entity.


























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