Effective Project Communication

Effective communication must be applied throughout the life cycle of a project. Good communication is essential to the success of a project. Nothing is more important to the success of a project than effective communication. Effective Communication involves being fully engaged with everyone on the project team.

Communication can take place in an active or passive manner. Examples of active communication include face to face meetings, video conferences, meeting one on one, or group, telephone conference, webinars, and via the telephone. Passive communication includes email, intranet bulletin boards, blogs, website, and project newsletter – paper-based.

Effective communication involves the use of both active and passive communication. Choice of techniques is based on the situation at hand since projects are usually fluid by nature and ever-changing. Communication involves clear communication of goals, responsibility, performance, feedback, and expectations. In order to make good communication plans, the project manager can ask and address questions such as who needs to be communicated with, how frequent communication is required, and what needs to be communicated. These enable the project to become stronger and easily attainable since it helps to:
• Articulate project goals and objectives
• Communicate risks and issues and possibly solve them
• Build strong team bond
• Understand each team member’s roles and their overall impact on the project
• Enjoy work

Although the Project manager may form plans regarding how to achieve effective communication on the basis of these questions listed above, he/she must be ready to make adjustments and changes when the need arises. The qualities of effective communication involve providing only the information needed, in the right format, at the right time, to the right audience and with the right impact.

To conclude, effective communication is of cardinal importance to the success of a project. Hence, effective communication is required throughout the project cycle. Good communication planning is important in achieving effective communication.

Plan what to say, before you say it.


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