Stakeholders are the people and organizations whose attitudes and actions have an impact on the success of your project or your company. Different stakeholders have different interests, attitudes and priorities. Communication is one key element which has to be applied effectively throughout a project’s life cycle from the beginning till the end. Effective communication ensures that they receive key information that is relevant to their needs and builds positive attitudes to your company or project.  Some benefits of effective stakeholder communication include:

Greater opportunities for stakeholders to contribute directly to systems development, and policy and program development. This enables the stakeholders to feel part of the ongoing project and not feel sidelined and not engaged.

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Leveraging of stakeholder expertise. Effective stakeholder engagement and communication ensures that contributions made by the stakeholders are taken into account when a decision is being taken. This can augur well for the project as sometimes stakeholders with expertise and experience in a certain area under discussion or review may offer help. This is unlikely to happen if there isn’t an effective communication between the project manager and stakeholders in place.

Improved access to decision-making processes, resulting in the delivery of more efficient and responsive services. Effective communication between a project manager and his/her stakeholders helps result in improved decision-making processes as stakeholders at any point in time during the project will be aware of the state of the project and the kind of inputs needed at that stage. This ensures that whenever a decision is being made; there is a complete understanding thus ensuring a smooth decision-making process.

For a project to be completely successful and be ready on time, it needs effective communication among all stakeholders involved in the project and this can be done by having effective communication structures in place.

Say it well.

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